Selasa, Julai 07, 2009

bekerja separuh masa menjual ikan

i'm starting to think that this whole self-quarantine thing is stupid. i know it sounds stupid and 'jual ikan' (selfish) but i don't care. why should they extend our quarantine time from 7 days to 9 days?

if they conducted swab throat test upon us, then it's fine, i can accept the extension of quarantine period.
but they didn't.
and we have to stay here for 2 more days and do nothing. It's TIRING and BORING. kalau boleh keluar tengok wayang ke pergi Nazri ke tak apa juga.

"like it or not, you have to follow the procedures. this is for the sake of other people, especially people in our university".
of course, for the sake of APEX university. duhh.

aku tak ambil lagi barang dalam stor. kalau hilang, ada ke siapa-siapa nak bertanggungjawab? ada?ada?(this is truly a 'jual-ikan' statement)

stres lah wei.

*this entry was posted by the author during her state of mild stress yet chronic boring condition.


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