Sabtu, Jun 26, 2010

pieces of thought, and grumbling

*i always wonder whether my brain cells are dying enormously. it seems that my brain is not really working well nowadays. is it too late to drink Anmum Essentials? heh, i'm not gonna swallow that thing. the smell of milk makes me puke.

*i promised to myself that i need to study during the holiday in order to prepare for my future job. of course, i already knew that it wasn't going to happen since my brain would automatically switch to HOLIDAY: FULL-MODE during any holidays. that means: relaxing, relaxing, and relaxing. should i blame the boarding school system? haha

*blogging at home is not easy. i can't do it freely. as i'm doing this, i keep looking back and alternately browsing other tabs, since my sister is always around and she's kinda a bit busybody. if she finds out, she'll ask a lot of questions or tell my whole family about it. her bigmouth annoys me a lot of times but i'd rather be quiet (malas nak layan).