Ahad, Januari 10, 2010

it's January 10 again.

at the time i start writing this entry, back in 1987 it was 10 hours and 12 minutes before i was born. Mak said, i was supposed to get into this world in December. Maybe i was very enjoying myself in Mak's womb haha so i got out a little bit late, which is in January.

now it's already 2010 and i already hit the number 23 (to be exactly at 5.30pm today).

birthday wishlists?

1. me, to become a better person.
2. family and friends, stay healthy and happy as always.
3. Nightmare Before Chrismas pencil case - someone had stolen it and i could not find the same one here in Penang sob sob sob. now i'm pencil-case-less. *berterabur pen pensel pemadam segala haha*

anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to anyone and everyone that shares the same birthday with me, regardless of your age :D

p/s: thanks to my family and friends for your wishings! i heart you guys!

3 ulasan:

raihana berkata...

dibah, epi besday...aku ingt besday ko bln 1 tp xingt bpe haribulan...hehe...tp still ingt tau..hehe...may Allah bless u..all da best for ur future undertakings...dh 23 ko ek???hee~..

biskott berkata...

tenkiu rai! :D
ha'ah dah 23 hehe

raihana berkata...

dh 23 ni mstila lg bnyk planning ek..hehe...tringt dlu kanak2 je ble tny bpe umur, belas2 thn..skg dh 20 lbih..huhu..tua ke???heee...xtaula...hope mkin matang kot..huhu...